The membership of the CIER is comprised of individuals who are engaged in research related to innovation and entrepreneurship. The nature of the research is broadly defined, to include a membership that is as diverse as possible. This decision is intentional because the interaction of researchers with different interests may lead to the development of new research initiatives.

The Criteria to become a Member in the CIER are:

  • An appointment at Lakehead University (limited term-appointments, tenured or tenure-track faculty members, post-doctoral fellows, contract teaching staff).
  • Engagement in research related to some aspect of innovation and entrepreneurship. This research may relate specifically to the study of innovation and entrepreneurship or it could involve research that relates to innovation associated with the development of technologies or intellectual property that may be studied in the context of commercialization.

The Criteria to become a Student Member in the CIER are:

  • Registration in a degree program at Lakehead University.
  • An interest or involvement in a research project related to innovation and entrepreneurship (broadly defined).

The Criteria to become an Academic or Industry Associate of the CIER are:

  • Reserved for individuals from outside Lakehead University who are engaged in a project with a CIER Member that is related to innovation and entrepreneurship (broadly defined).
  • An Academic Associate may be a community-based researcher, or a faculty member at another university.
  • An Industry Associate may be a member of a community organization, an entrepreneur, innovator, or another individual who is involved in the delivery of services to entrepreneurs

Application Process

Individuals interested in becoming a Member, a Student Member, or an Associate of the CIER must submit a letter of intent and a curriculum vita to the CIER Director. The letter of intent should describe their involvement in relevant research and their interest in joining the Research Centre. Applications will be reviewed by the Director and/or Executive Committee (TBD) and a decision provided to the applicant in writing.