The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research is a Research Center at Lakehead University.


The primary purpose of the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research (CIER) is to promote and support research on innovation and entrepreneurship at Lakehead University.


The objectives of the CIER are:

  • To facilitate interdisciplinary research collaborations among faculty members at Lakehead University related to innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • To support undergraduate and graduate research on innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • To identify and explore innovation and entrepreneurship-related research topics that are relevant to the University, the local community, and beyond.
  • To seek research funding from external sources for innovation and entrepreneurship-related research projects and programs.
  • To seek opportunities to augment the curriculum and programming for students related to innovation and entrepreneurship.


For the purposes of the CIER, innovation and entrepreneurship are broadly defined to include: technological and science-based innovation, innovations in business operations, start-ups, new venture creation, social entrepreneurship, institutional entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, commercialization venture management, small and family-led business, economic development through business creation, start-up financing, service, healthcare innovation, and other related topics.

Core Values

The CIER exists to promote scholarship in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship, guided by the following values:

  • Integrity – we will maintain the highest ethical standards in research
  • Curiosity – we will encourage intellectual curiosity
  • Collaboration – we will promote interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Capacity – we aim to build capacity within our members, students, and the community through the centre activities